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4 August, 2017

Eight Tips to make Driving with Kids Easier

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When you are planning a road trip with kids in your 2017 Chevrolet Equinox car it’s a good idea to be prepared so you don’t get distracted while driving. Here are some ideas to make a road trip with the kids as stress free as possible.

  1. Best Apps: Apps are the best distraction for kids on road trips. If you have a tablet or hand held device consider making them available to your kids and load up some apps ideal for keeping kids engaged to avoid boredom. Listing them here would be pointless as there are new ones coming out everyday. As well they vary based on the device as well as age appropriate designs. You are sure to find something for everyone and can even find books your kids will love.
  2. Snacks: Traveling is a perfect reason for kids to beg for a stop off at the drive thru. If you are traveling on less beaten paths be sure to have plenty of drinks and snack foods within reach so kids can eat at their leisure and you won’t have to pull over to access the food.
  3. Old School Colouring Books: Despite all of the technology about, kids still love colouring. There are tons of great colouring kits designed specifically for traveling with kids. Make sure you have a few options and kids can choose to colour at their leisure.
  4. Teens: Older kids can keep busy texting friends and listening to music on their cell phones. Make sure their phones are fully charged before heading out so that you don’t run into issues before you have barely hit the road.
  5. Pit Stops: Make sure you are reasonably familiar with your route so you know where there are places to stop along the way for using the loo. When traveling with kids this is a must as you don’t want to unexpectedly hit a long road with little relief in sight.
  6. Middle Seat: If you have three kids and a car that means someone is going to have to sit in the “middle” seat. Make sure you have a fair way of dealing with the seating arrangements so everyone gets a chance to travel with a window seat at some point. It will make the fights while driving a little less intense when people know they are next up for the window seats.
  7. Interesting Stops: When traveling you are bound to pass by some interesting places that might be worth adding to your itinerary. It will give everyone something to look forward to as well as provide a perfect place for using the loo.
  8. Meals: Although you will have plenty of snacks and drinks make sure you don’t try to make the drive quicker by skipping meals. Kids need to refuel and stretch their legs. It will make the trip go a lot smoother when everyone has a good meal in their tummy.

These tips can help keep kids occupied and allow you to drive with less complaints and distractions.