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21 September, 2015

Signature Series Guitars – Listen To The Wisdom

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I don’t know about you but I love seeing an artist with an amazing guitar. There is something about seeing a great musician paired off with a special instrument that is just mesmerizing. The greats always have their own style of guitar. They design them, they get the manufacturing greats to make them, and then they play the hell out of them for everyone’s entertainment. Nothing could be better.

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Except probably owning one of those signature guitars for yourself. If you are like me, there is one guitar that you have held up in your mind as being the end all be all of guitar design. You have imagined yourself playing it, giving it your all. Feeling your body and the guitar become one in an explosion of musical expression. At least, that is how it happens in your mind.

And the thing is: if you can get ahold of the guitar of your dreams, it doesn’t have to just be in your mind. You are an artist and you need your amazing guitar. The best part about dreaming of playing guitar is that you can make it a reality. You can get a Jackson Signature Series guitar and practice in the mirror or wherever and get better. You can shred.

You can find the guitar that completes you and makes your practice efforts worthwhile. You can find the right shape, the right inlay, the right wood, the right neck size that will make your journey to personal greatness easier and more fun. No artist came to the stage out of nowhere and they have been honing and perfecting their craft from the start. Each of them has dedicated so much time to playing that it would be crazy to ignore what they endorse and collaborate on. Signature series guitars are a goldmine shortcut to finding the right guitar for your sound. Take advantage of what they have to offer.